E-mobility for municipalities

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We develop electromobility solutions and HV-PDUs for municipal vehicles

The electrification of municipal vehicles is a decisive step towards a more sustainable and efficient future. The in-Tec Project & Competence Center offers tailor-made solutions for the challenges associated with the transition to electric systems. We understand that every municipality and every vehicle has unique requirements, and we specialize in meeting those needs with precisely engineered high-voltage distribution systems (HV-PDUs/HVDUs).

Development of high-voltage distribution systems (HVDUs) for municipal vehicles

The development of HV-PDUs (High Voltage Power Distribution Units) is a complex process that requires close cooperation with our customers. We support you from conception to final production to ensure that the developed systems not only meet the technical requirements, but can also be integrated into the specific vehicles and machines.

Customized development: Application areas of HVDUs

Our high-voltage distribution systems are versatile and can be designed for a wide range of vehicles and machines.
As your engineering service provider, we offer customized, advanced solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Our expertise in electromobility enables us to develop innovative high-voltage applications and connections that not only meet current technological standards, but are also future-proof. With our extensive experience in the automotive and medical technology sectors, we guarantee efficient, reliable and high-quality implementation of your projects.

  • Construction machinery: Excavators, trucks and other heavy equipment.
  • Municipal vehicles: buses, refuse collection vehicles and other service vehicles.
  • Special vehicles: Vehicles for use in harsh environments and demanding conditions.


Feasibility, costs, specifications as required.


Optimization and support in the implementation of your projects.


Process realization and production of your projects.

Why work with the competence center? 4 arguments that speak for us!

  • Experience: Experience in the development of HV PDUs.
  • Partnerships: Network of experienced partners.
  • Innovation: Constant innovation to provide the best solutions.
  • Quality: Our commitment to the highest quality and customer satisfaction.