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Experienced partner for manufacturers of medical technology

Medical technology companies need experts who are familiar with the regulations and requirements of the industry. Our competence center accompanies medical companies safely and efficiently to their set goal.

We offer various types of development support services. Use our resources to get your project to its destination faster and more cost-effectively. Find out about the other advantages of working with our in-Tec Project & Competence Center.

Medical technology services

Medical technology projects are special. We know the difference to other industries. Experienced project managers in medical technology support you as required.

  • Concept creation
  • Project / quality management
  • Risk management
  • Technical Documentation
  • Production of media-carrying hose systems, for example
  • Component assembly of foot control units, pump systems, valve assemblies or customer-specific assemblies
  • Specific test equipment
  • Clean room for the assembly of sensitive components

We meet your individual requirements

We relieve you of tasks, increase the productivity and effectiveness of your development and manufacturing processes. Our clients see us as a resource expansion and partner on an equal footing.